Celebrate Life


Celebrate Life is an exciting original composition for two harps by Shari Pack, and should be played with feelings of happy celebration.  It is full of glissandos, rolled chords, and arpeggios.



This celebration piece by Shari Pack can be played by two pedal harps and also two lever harps.  If lever harps are used, one lever harp needs to have the base tuning of E-flat when all the levers are down, and the other lever harp needs to have the base tuning of B-flat when all the levers are down.  This is required  in order to play the beautiful prepared chordal glissandos that are in this exciting piece.  This piece takes about three minutes to perform.

The arrangement comes with separate copies for First Harp and Second Harp and an Ensemble Copy showing the two parts together.

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PDF Download – Complete Set, PDF Download – Score, PDF Download – First Harp, PDF Download – Second Harp, Physical Copy