The Four Seasons


Various selections from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons have been arranged by Shari Pack for one pedal harp and one lever harp together or two pedal harps.  This arrangement proceeds from Spring, to Summer, to Autumn, to Winter, and then back to Spring.

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When Vivaldi published his work, he included poems to tell what his music described in each season.  In this arrangement, first comes Spring, where birds are singing and streams are murmuring; next comes Summer, where thunder roars and flies buzz around; next comes Autumn, where hunters emerge with horns and dogs; next comes Winter, where we rest at home by the warm fire.  The arrangement ends by a return to Spring.  There are some fun harp sounds, when the summer flies are described by harmonics and the thunder is described by loud octave sixteenth notes.  This interesting arrangement takes about six minutes to perform.

The arrangement comes with separate copies for First Harp and Second Harp and an Ensemble Copy showing the two parts together.

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PDF Download – Complete Set, PDF Download – Score, PDF Download – First Harp, PDF Download – Second Harp, Physical Copy