Melodies from Pirates of Penzance


From the operetta, Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan, here is a medley of I Am a Pirate King, Ah Leave Me Not to Pine Alone, With Cat Like Tread, and Poor Wandering One, arranged by Shari Pack for three lever harps, or three pedal harps.

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The delightful operetta, Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan, has some enjoyable melodies; and while all harp parts can be played by both pedal or lever harps, Harp 1 might be easiest on a pedal harp because of the quicker chromatic changes.  All parts change keys, C to G to D and back to G, and a measure of rests in Harp 2 and Harp 3 give ample time for the changes. This is a fun piece to play.  For instance in the With Cat Like Tread segment, Harp 1 has sforzando chords, Harp 2 has alternating fifths, and Harp 3 has knocks on the sounding board.  The performance time for Melodies from Pirates of Penzance is about five minutes.

The arrangement comes with separate copies for First Harp, Second Harp, and Third Harp and an Ensemble Copy showing the three parts together.

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PDF Download – Complete Set, PDF Download – Score, PDF Download – First Harp, PDF Download – Second Harp, PDF Download – Third Harp, Physical Copy