Danube Waves


This famous waltz, Danube Waves, by Jan Ivanovici, has been arranged by Shari Pack for one pedal harp and one lever harp together or two pedal harps.

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Jan Ivanovici, who wrote Danube Waves, was a Romanian military band leader who composed over three hundred and fifty dances before his death in 1902. Harp 1 requires a pedal harp. but Harp 2 can be played on a lever harp as well as a pedal harp.  In this waltz each part takes a turn to play the melody, and the parts have interesting accompaniment patterns.  The performance time for Danube Waves is about four minutes.

The arrangement comes with separate copies for First Harp and Second Harp and an Ensemble Copy showing the two parts together.

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PDF Download – Complete Set, PDF Download – Score, PDF Download – First Harp, PDF Download – Second Harp, Physical Copy