Ave Maria Twice


Two sacred songs, Schubert’s Ave Maria and Bach/Gounod’s Ave Maria, are arranged by Shari pack for two pedal harps in two separate compositions.

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In the arrangement of Ave Maria by Schubert, the famous melody is presented twice.  The first time, Harp 2 plays the melody while Harp 1 plays a rounded arpeggio pattern.  The second time, Harp 1 plays the melody an octave lower, with the suggestion of playing it “pres de la table,” while Harp 2 plays ascending arpeggios softly in the treble clef.   In the arrangement of Ave Maria by Bach and Gounod, the famous Bach Prelude is first played by Harp 2 in the Key of G, while Harp 1 plays Gounod’s soaring melody.  Then there is a key change to the Key of C, and Harp 1 plays Bach’s Prelude and Harp 2 plays Gounod’s melody.  The performance time for Ave Maria by Schubert is about five minutes.  The performance time for the Ave Maria by Bach and Gounod is about six minutes.

The arrangement comes with separate copies for First Harp and Second Harp and an Ensemble Copy showing the two parts together.

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PDF Download – Complete Set, PDF Download – Score, PDF Download – First Harp, PDF Download – Second Harp, Physical Copy